Land-Based: April 2018

Local angler hooked up with Jayson Arman of That’s R-Man Land Based Fishing. They hooked this 28-inch gator seatrout on a top water plug while doing some wade fishing in the Indian River Lagoon. Photo credit: Jayson Arman.

April’s one of my favorite months to fish for seatrout. By now, there is probably a lot of springtime mullet action happening. Up and down the southeast coast of Florida 7-inch to 12-inch mullet are showing up and that means the fish are going to get fat!

Throwing bigger top water plugs and bigger swim baits for the fish on the flats will be necessary. They might not be eating as often but they will attack a bait very large this time of year. I like throwing a 4-to-5-inch mullet pattern top water in the low light hours. And once the sun comes up I’m normally switching to a Bass Assassin 5-inch Die Dapper in the Sun Gill or Electric Chicken color. Depending on the sunlight will depend on what color I would like to start my morning with. And this time of year, I also sometimes look for having wind in my face. Sometimes bigger fish like it when the water is more chopped up. I have personally caught some of my best seatrout this time of year and I have also put some of my clients on their personal best seatrout this time of year.  If you enjoy targeting gator seatrout, this is when you want to learn how to wade fish.

Snook fishing will also be on the rise. With warmer temperatures around the corner these fish will also be blasting BIG mullet. They will be cruising around bridges, sea walls and jetties. A big swimbait in a 5-to-8-inch range will be something you want to have for these big snook. But also understand having something very small and subtle can be just as important to the fish. A small live shrimp or an artificial shrimp from D.O.A. can be the ticket.  Look at it this way, if you ate a double-cheeseburger for 30 days (AKA the mullet), you would probably do a back flip when you saw there was such a thing as a chicken nugget (AKA artificial or live shrimp). I have been learning about fishing since I was very young. The more I can put fishing in a human perspective the more I understand it and the easier it is to explain to others. And just remember we cannot catch these fish if we are always worried about conditions.  Fish have four things to do in their life: (1) make more fish, (2) eat, (3) go to the bathroom, and (4) hide from us!  That’s all they do. Ha ha!

I always thought it was very important to be very technical. And I am realizing the more that I do this, the more that simplifying fishing can be just as productive as when I thought it was important to be very technical.  Basically, always try to have fun and always try to learn something.  This sport called fishing is something no one on earth can master.  There is always a different species to go after, different conditions from Mother Nature, and a new fishing spot is being discovered right now while you are reading this article.

This is Jayson Arman signing off for now. Have fun on your next adventure, and don’t forget to always keep your line wet!

FORECAST BY: Jayson Arman
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