From the Shore: Sept. 2017

Bait and more bait, this is what South Florida is all about during the fall mullet run. Millions of mullet make their way down the coast of Florida. This is peak time for the angler that has no boat. Snook are coming off the spawn and are hungry. Big female snook are feeding on mullet and fattening up for the winter. Snook season is open; to get a keeper will be hard with so many big fish around. First thing in the morning is always best to get these fish to feed. Night time being the best time. Beach, bridges and wading give you a chance to catch a lot of snook. During the mullet run, I like to use all artificial lures. Plugs like the Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow will get you hooked every time. Tarpon will be sky rocketing in the bait schools of mullet. The best bet to get hooked up is to fish outside the school. Tarpon will be right outside of the school of bait. They will be feeding on the bait that is right outside of the bait ball. This is where you need to focus on your lure or bait to get hooked up. I like to use a Diawa SP Minnow that casts far and gives the right flash to get a strike. I use 60-pound mono leader tied to 65-pound braided line with a spinning rod and reel to cast right in front of these big fish. Jacks will be big and will come in packs and they can be caught off the beach or along the river. Big ones to 30-or-40-pounds are not uncommon. Use big nasty chuggers that get the fish excited to strike. These fish are strong and don’t know the word quit. They make great fish for kids of all ages. Sharks will eat anything in their path, so if you like to catch blacktip sharks, this is a great time of year too. They will be trying to eat the school of jacks that are feeding close to shore. So, catch a jack, use it live or cut up, and hold on. Steel leader tied to 65-pound braid will get the job done. Have a great fall mullet run!

FORECAST BY:  Chris Sharp
Beachwalker Guide Service
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