Stuart Jensen Beach Deep Sea Fishing Report and Forecast: March 2017

The cobia day dream came true for this lucky fishing couple aboard the Safari 1. PHOTO CREDIT: Safari 1.

Visions of cobia will dominate the daydreams, as well as the fishing strategies of offshore anglers during this month.  The days of March are historically one of the better periods of the year for targeting and catching cobia, east of our St. Lucie Inlet. Schools of migrating cobia (pushing down from northern environs) will stream through our local offshore waters and visit the reef system from depths of 40 to 180 feet of water.  Martin County’s artificial reefs in 50 to 65 feet of water have especially become favorite haunts for hungry “cobes” and will be found throughout the water column over top of these reef structures.  While the Sand Pile will be most angler’s first go to spot for cobia fishing, artificial structures that make up the Donaldson Reef will be high on the honey hole list for cobia anglers to try.  The Cement Barge, the Owl Barge, and the Clifton Perry Memorial Reef (just name a few) are all famous for attracting cobia and are excellent options for fishing- especially when the more popular spots become crowded (for a complete list of Artificial Reef sites go to  Live baits of all flavors will yield the best results for provoking a cobia strike—greenies, sardines, blue runners, and grunts—will be the best of live bait offerings, while using 30-to 50-pound mainline tackle and 50- to 80-pound terminal tackle with a 5 to 7/0 hook.  Along with live bait, cobia enthusiasts need to supply themselves with an assortment of jigs, which can be cast or dropped in front of cobes while sight fishing. Lead head jigs of four-ounces in weight will be the most effective for throwing to a cruising cobia.

So, in March, post up on one of Martin County’s many near coastal reef sites and make your cobia daydream come true.

FORECAST BY: Capt. Rocky Carbia
Safari I
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