Stuart Jensen Beach Offshore Fishing Report and Forecast: March 2017

The King family last March with snapper, mahi, and blackfin to eat and a sail for the memory. “Dinner and a show!” Photo credit: Capt. Scott Fawcett.

As March rolls in, I feel like we can safely say winter is behind us. Those two brutal days when the lows hit the mid-40s were over before I could even find my jacket, but don’t fret. The last few years we have seen excellent dolphin fishing during March and that’s following mild winters like this one, so I can only hope that tradition holds and fish tacos it is. But to be totally honest, I am a little worried about the mahi fishing this month. Anyways. When targeting dolphin, look for color changes, weed lines and temperature breaks usually from 120 feet of water and out. Also, keep an eye out for frigates, birds picking, flying fish getting pushed and any type of floating or suspended debris. During these spring and summer days, fishing a down bait can sometimes be the lucky ticket. I fish mine on a Cannon 10 TS which has a cycle mode which triggers lazy fish. I find this extremely helpful especially around the full moon. Even though you may be targeting dolphin, it’s a good idea to fish wire on this bait since wahoo are a likely encounter as well. March is also a great month for bottom fishing. Target various snapper, triggerfish, porgies, seabass and cobia using anything from sardines and squid, to cut bait, to live bait or even jigs. RonZ jigs come in various sizes and colors and they are a great way get to the bottom fast to see what’s down there. You’d be amazed on the variety of fish you can catch on those jigs. There are a ton of great spots to try from 30 to 175 feet. If you don’t have a waterproof chart #36 by Capt. Bill Shuda, you’re missing out on some wonderful local knowledge and a bunch of great bottom and bait spots.  March is also the kickoff month to our yellowfin tuna fishing. Running towards the Canaveral buoy, following the EEZ and using your radar to mark birds is a great way to encounter big schools of yellowfin tuna, a blue marlin, dolphin, and the occasional wahoo. But with how it blows in March it’s hard to schedule those trips in advance since they are so weather dependent. Whatever it is you decide to do this month I hope you’re fishing trip is Off The Chain and looking forward to getting out there with you soon.

FORECAST BY: Capt. Scott Fawcett
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