Stuart Offshore: Oct. 2021

October is normally a pretty easy report to write. Cooler water brings the first push of fish migrating back down our reefs and it’s on from there. But this October and from here on out, our waters will be missing something that has been a shining part of them for the last 42 years. Capt. Patrick Price, The Day Maker passed from COVID last month and the hole he left could house every fish off the Treasure Coast. Like any great fisherman, Patrick hasn’t shared the numbers with us yet so until then, we should focus along the reefs and some other places we do know the coordinates to.

Our Six Mile Reef in 65 feet and the Eight Mile Reef in 135 feet of water create a migratory highway for fish as northerly winds push swells south which they will ride further down the coast with each blow. Focus on weed lines, color changes and areas around the bigger sea mounts and wrecks which are holding bait. The Hill, Rankin, Tree Barge… these places, although they are deep, hold bait and in turn pelagic fish from top to bottom at times.

With better than normal water quality this year, the bait is still here from the summer and as the fish push back to the south they should stall out right in front of us with plenty to eat. Trolling becomes more productive this time of year as it lets you cover more ground and hit various depths and bottom spots throughout the day. When you find a productive current edge or color change live baiting can be a good choice, but don’t get stuck in one place if the bite isn’t happening. The main thing this month is, be ready for anything.

Patrick would be targeting everything from snapper, grouper, sailfish, mahi, wahoo, blackfin, and kings this month. Then after catching most of those, he’d stop on the way in and catch a cobia or two that he saw on the surface. Desire, preparation and attention to detail are keys to being successful on your outings, a big reason why Patrick did so well.

The love Patrick had for family, friends, fishing and helping others was exemplary. While I wish your next trip is Off The Chain, I want us all to do our best to spread the love and continue helping the community like Patrick did. There will always only be one, Capt. Patrick Price, a true DAYMAKER.

Love you forever amigo.

FORECAST BY: Capt. Scott Fawcett
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