The Fight of The Bull

With Capt. Michael Sharky Marquez

The Texas Coast provides a wide range of fishing opportunities for all anglers. From deep-sea tuna trips at Boomvang,  or big trout in Galveston’s West Bay, Texas has it all.  One of my personal favorite is targeting the Bull Reds in Galveston, Texas.  A Bull Red is a redfish that exceeds a length of 28”. These fish are well known for their extreme fighting capabilities and running in large schools during a feed.  Targeting and catching Bull Red’s is the perfect combination for a memory-making trip.

How to target one:

Bull Reds feed hard in October and spawn in the late summer to fall.  In my experience, these are times when the mullet run thickest throughout the bay and jetty system in Galveston.  They swim in large schools and target mullet.  Whether you are fishing from the beach, a pier, or on a boat, mullet is one of their favorites. Bull Reds are big for a reason. They have spent years navigating the waters and seen it all.  They have avoided the bite for a long time and become more intelligent throughout their journey. So how do you get one of these big Bull Reds to bite your bait?

How to catch one:

We like to be ready for anything so we use about 6 rods, all of which are either Avet 6.0’s or Penn Squall 50LD’s. These reels are packed full of 50lb monofilament line and strapped to rods rated for 30-60lb fish. From the boat, the Galveston Jetties is our favorite choice. We fish the drop-offs where the schools of mullet are swimming through, getting chased by the Bull Reds. On three of the rods, we throw out cut mullet with live mullet on the other three. Their feeding patterns throughout the day dictate which they prefer; lively mullet, or the easy meal of the strong scented cut mullet. This method keeps you prepared for anything.  We set the drags on low and turn our clickers on, allowing them pick up the bait and run with it without feeling any tension. A key factor in catching one is to wait 3-5 seconds after the line starts screaming.  The action begins with raising your drag, setting the hook, and hollering “It’s a MONSTA baby!” These fish can put up a solid fight from 5 to 30, depending on the size of the gear you are using. The key is to have fun and enjoy every minute of it.

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Capt. Michael ‘Sharky’ Marquez |
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