The Swainglers

Colby Kirkland casting a line into Fontana Lake at the 288 Boat Access last year on our first trip.

By Tammy Parris

I am so excited about our second year beginning for the Swain High School Swainglers Fishing Club. Our inaugural year consisted of a total of 104 anglers casting a line, a total fishing time of 225 minutes, dozens of fish hooked and reeled in, and countless smiles and laughs from the students!

Anglers used a variety of lures and baits. The “talk” on the bus, as we ventured out to each fishing hole, was full of chatter of which lure would trick the fish into a biting. Smallmouth and white bass, and a variety of trout were bamboozled into taking the hook last year. Excitement and discussion filled the bus as we would make our way back to school. Sometimes, the fish size grew in each conversation and tactics were explained about the ones that got away. Nevertheless, the students were full of energy and ready to face the rest of their school day.

As we begin our new year, we have a cast of anglers ready to hit the water. Unfortunately, I can’t take everyone into the club due to safety reasons. My waiting list grows everyday. As we endeavor on our trips this year, I am thankful to have my experienced, upperclassmen to assist the new members of the club. Leadership, responsibility and trust are a must.

Expect to hear great things from Swain County High School Swainglers Fishing Club as we embark on year number two!