Tools of the Trade -The Griz fishing rods

Griz Baja Rod

One of the most commonly used devices in angling is the fishing rod. The device can be as simple as a willow branch fitted with a line and bent pin for a hook, or as sophisticated as one of today’s modern outfits combined with a multi-plexing reel and miles of line. Fishing rods have been made from many materials including wood, fiberglass, metal, graphite, and others. Each era has produced fishing rods made from new “wonder materials,” each seemingly revolutionizing the fishing rod business. Perhaps the most tried and true material from which to manufacture fishing rods for saltwater angling are those made of fiberglass. Through the years this material has proven to be strong, resilient, forgiving, and requiring minimal maintenance. The new Baja Series by The Griz fishing rods, available in several sizes and configurations, are exemplary. Charles and I designed and created the specifications for these splendid rods then personally tested them thoroughly before they were brought to market. Each has a distinctly rugged design and appearance with their black tip combined with burn orange guide wraps, emblematic of the soil of Baja California, hence the name.   The new Baja Series by The Griz fishing rods have already made some notable catches and promise soon to change how fish are caught in the Sea of Cortez. They could do the same in your waters—give’em a try.


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