Land / Bridges July 2018

Carroll Green with a nice catch and release beach snook caught with live greenies along the beaches in Fort Pierce. Photo credit: Jayson Arman of that’s R-Man Land Based Fishing.

July can be very hot fishing if you get out early before the heat of the day. Walking the beaches of the Treasure Coast is something I primarily do in July, looking for schools of bait fish that will hold catch and release snook, Spanish mackerel, jack crevalle and some tarpon, that’ll be cruising around. You will want to carry things that will imitate the bait fish for best results. The LIVETARGET three-inch greenie and the four-inch Rapala X-Rap greenback or white back jerkbait will definitely be something that is tied on the end of my fishing rod. Also, a good concentration of whiting will be on the beach, sometimes fairly close, and using a chicken rig with cut shrimp or fish bites will be very productive if you can not find any bait fish schools.

The afternoon fishing can be just as productive as the morning, so follow the tides and try to keep in contact with other local fisherman so you know where the bait schools will be before you decide to head out on a fishing trip. Also, do not be afraid to show up at a fishing spot and decide to go to a different location, if it doesn’t look interesting as soon as you get there. You should try to think about which way the tide is moving and focus on moving in the direction in which the tide is coming from.

Hopefully some of these tips and tricks will help you on your next fishing trip. This is Jayson Arman signing off for now. Always remember to have fun while you are out on the water.

FORECAST BY: Jayson Arman
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