Kayak Fishing: Feb. 2018

Cole and Chad with a nice pompano. Photo credit: Brian Nelli.


February is a good time to target a lot of different species. From pompano, jacks and sheepshead around deeper cuts to snook, reds, flounder and trout along the mangroves and structure. During this time the water is a lot colder than most of the year. When fishing the flats around mangroves, hit the water a little later in the day and target sand holes and areas with dark mud. These spots will warm quicker than surrounding areas and should be holding fish. Remember snook season opens February 1. Tripletail should also be on the mind during this time. Launching around the mouth of the Loxahatchee River will put you in the area to find structure like crab pots and channel markers where these fish like to hangout.


The cobia will start to move into the beaches following rays, sharks and turtles. I like to have a D.O.A. Swimming Mullet ready to pitch to them when spotted. Sailfish, kingfish, wahoo and dolphin will also still be frequent catches in February. Look for these guys to be found from 90-to-120 feet chasing goggle eyes, pilchards and blue runners. If live bait is not an option, look to try an artificial trolling lure like SeaLime Lures. These baits have great life-like action to entice the bite.

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See you on the water!

FORECAST BY: Brian Nelli
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