Treasure Coast ‘From the Shore’ Fishing Report and Forecast: February 2017

Steve Brust with a spillway snook caught with a Yo-Zuri Inshore 3D. Photo credit: Chris Sharp.

February means some hot river fishing. Target the trout; you’ll get lots of numbers. Fish the east side or west of the Indian River. You will find them near docks, on the flats and up close. I like to use a topwater plug like the Yo-Zuri Pencil in black and chrome. I work it right before daylight up to an hour after for really big trout. You can use a shrimp under a popping cork, or a soft rubber bait like a ZMan Shrimp in dark brown. Most fish will be up to five-pounds, with some big gator trout in the mix.

Redfish will be hot as well and in the same areas of the trout.  If you’d like to get some really big ones and lots of numbers, drive up to Sebastian State Park and fish the jetty and catwalk. I like to get some small finger mullet and hook them to a number 5 circle hook with 50-pound leader fished on the bottom. They hang in schools, so when you hook one, everyone will get bites and at the same time. Go way out on the jetty to the curve. This is where you can get a lot of fish.

Fish the tides moving in or out. Snook fishing opens February 1, and night time is your best bet. Bridge fishing at night under the lights is where you’ll find them. Use a flair hawk jig or a soft rubber bait that gets down deep. Cold fronts and a north wind are ideal conditions.

On the beach, the biggest jacks of the year will show up to begin spawning.  Any inlet that meets the beach will be the place to be. I like to use spoons or chuggers first thing in the morning. Hold on because some of these will be over 30-pounds. Flounder fishing in Fort Pierce will be good. Fish the little bend in the jetty with a shrimp or a live mullet on the bottom. Again, cold fronts are the best time for action.

Good luck and tight lines!

FORECAST BY:  Chris Sharp
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