Treasure Coast ‘From the Shore’ Fishing Report and Forecast: October 2016


Mullet run will be everywhere along the beaches and in the river. If you are live baiting make sure to use a #5 or above circle hook for snook and tarpon. This will make sure you get hooked up and also keep the fish from getting hurt. When fishing bait schools, make sure you are not throwing your bait right into the school. Take your bait and throw it outside of the bait school. This is where you will get the most hook ups. If there is mullet around and they are feeding hard on mullet, try something like a greenie or pinfish, something that is not the same as a mullet. For a leader line you need to use 60-pound and above—these are large fish feeding. Snook fishing is hot and they will be everywhere if you follow a few rules Night time is the best for really big snook and moving water is a must, either a high tide or low tide. Bridges where there are lights is a must; they will use that shadow line to feed and bust on bait passing by. Roosevelt, Ten Cent and Jensen Beach Causeway bridges are the best places. Best beaches are Walton Rocks and Bathtub Beach– high tide is the best. If you are throwing lures, change them to circle hooks. Tarpon fishing is hot, so if you want one this season, you better get up early or chase the schools of bait down the beach. These are big fish so make sure you use the right stuff: 80-pound leader, 65-pound braid, a #9 circle hook, and a stiff rod that can handle these fish. Good luck and tight lines.



Capt. Chris Sharp

Capt. Chris Sharp, of Beachwalker Guide Service, has been a “from the shore” guides for 25 years.
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