Venice Offshore Fishing Forecast: May 2013

We are ready for the summer season down here in Venice. Yellowfin tuna have been all over the shelf. Tinker mackerel have shown up, so live baiting for tuna has been a nice change from winter chumming. A few White and Blue Marlin have been landed as well. I have been running my custom built 2013 FREEMAN 33 since the end of March. It is an impressive machine. The FREEMAN 33 surprises me and goes beyond my expectations with each new fishing day. Fishing from this ultimate platform is something every angler should experience. I could go on and on about the boat but lets get back to fishing.

The warmer weather is here so I am getting pumped up for a few swordfishing trips. Many people do not realize we have swordfish in the northern Gulf. We do and they have made an amazing comeback over the past decade or so. We primarily target swordfish at night around the full moon. I suggest hiring a local guide in your area to learn a few tricks before attempting it yourself the first time. Also, the tackle and equipment needed to land these beasts can get pricey. Swordfish have the strength of a tuna combined with the acrobatics of a Marlin. Once you see your first swordfish tail walk in the moonlight you will be hooked for life. Have a great summer. Good Luck and Stay Safe.

Captain Brett Ryan
Venice, La