With a Little Maintenance, Your Gear Could Last A Lifetime

When well kept, fishing gear can have extraordinary longevity. Encylopedia.com notes that linseed-treated lines from 1770 are still workable, showing the benefits of good craftsmanship paired with caring hands to ensure that the gear stays in good working order. Along with your fishing vessel, careful upkeep should be given to your gear every off season before it’s packed away.

Checking for serious damage

The first step to properly maintaining your gear is through a close inspection. Problems such as mold and other fungus need to be identified and treated promptly before any rot can spread. If left throughout the off-season, it’s likely that they will permeate your gear and cause irrevocable damage. Check also for cracks, imperfections, and other issues where mold can permeate or the stability of your tools will be impaired. This is the most important part of maintaining your equipment since fishing gear is not cheap to replace.

Keep it in good working order

With the fundamental quality of your equipment assured, it pays to check that it’s in good working order. Do a full assessment of your line to ensure no breakages or fraying. Similarly, items such as your reel should be assessed to make sure there are no snags and that all the working parts are oiled and running as usual. This can extend to your bait – any fresh meal worm or other bait kept in your equipment store should be regularly checked to make sure they’ll be useful with the upcoming season.

Thinking about upgrading

Maintenance time is also a good time to think about upgrading. Of course, gear can last a long, long time, especially when looked after, but there are always new devices and gadgets coming out that can help to augment your fishing game. Upgrading can also mean downgrading – as Business Insider notes, rudimentary rod-and-reel can be used for big fish. It might be worth taking a moment to look at where and how you fish and if that can be adapted.

Staying on top of your game as a fishing enthusiast has a lot to do with your gear. Making sure that every piece of your fishing setup is clean, working and ready to go will save you a headache once you’re out on or near the water. You might even find opportunities to change up your entire routine.

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