BP Fishing Claims are Being Denied or Reduced

Many individuals who fish along the gulf coast filed a “Subsistence Claim” with BP before the deadline of June 8, 2015. These claims were to compensate those who provide seafood to their families from the Gulf of Mexico and its tributaries.

Subsistence claims are being denied…

Many claims have been denied or reduced due to technical details pertaining to the species of seafood
caught, the period that the fishing was harmed, and the proof required to show that certain family members received the seafood. Other problems arise from the strict licensing requirements which must be met for a person to receive compensation.

Individuals who filed these claims are finding it difficult to jump through all of the hoops in the claims process without the assistance of an experienced professional.

Over 95% of the claims which were filed have received some form of “notice,” which, if not answered correctly, in a timely manner, will ultimately result in denial of the claim.