Fort Pierce Offshore Fishing Report and Forecast: November 2016

Trip having a great first experience on the water. PHOTO CREDIT: LottaBull Fishing Charters.

November is here and the mahi will be too! With the frontal systems pushing through the north and cooling water temperatures moving closer to the peninsula, the mahi will be pushing into the Treasure Coast area to join us for warmer waters and holiday dinners. A lot of the live baits become scarce in our area so pick up some ballyhoo or trolling lures at your local bait shop and when conditions allow, head east for some mahi. Start your mahi search in 70-to-80-feet of water and work deeper until you find the bite. Look for floating debris, weed lines and rips. Always have trolling baits or lures in the water while looking as mahi may be in the open water looking for the same thing. These fish are a fun catch and a great dinner for friends and family over the the holidays.

In November when sea conditions don’t allow for long offshore runs, the Spanish mackerel will be schooling through the Treasure Coast area. You’ll find mackerel from the beach on out for a few miles. These are a great fish to target for bending a rod and they also make a very good dinner. Look for the birds flying and diving and you will find the Spanish mackerel. These fish will be following schools of glass minnows. A great way to catch mackerel is to follow the schools and cast small spoons or shiny lures into the schools and make a fast retrieval. Spanish mackerel will eat anything small, shiny and fast. You can also troll lures and spoons near the schools and get hooked up.

Mackerel are a great fish to target with light 10-to-12-pound gear. A good recommendation when fishing for Spanish mackerel is to use a one-to-two-inch piece of #4 wire in front of your lures so the teeth of the mackerel don’t cut off your lure and make it an expensive trip.  Catch ‘em up and be safe!

FORECAST BY: Capt. Danny Markowski
LottaBull Fishing Charters
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