Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – December


Largemouth bass are feeding on anything from shad, golden shiners and bluegill all throughout the Harris Chain of lakes getting fat and happy for the upcoming spawn. The bass are moving into transition areas near the mouths of canals, backwater coves with some deeper water very close by. Lilly pad fields have been producing good numbers of bites and are excellent locations to fish around. Fishing lures to use are lipless crank baits, soft plastic flukes, and even topwater walking baits. Remember to always be looking around when you are fishing to see if fish are busting bait on the surface, ect. Fish the outer edges of the pads, especially the smaller isolated groups as the bigger females will back away to eat a larger meal than the highly aggressive males that move into the shallows first.

The hydrilla patches and matts in Big Lake Harris in the deeper water are also holding groups of bass. Find the hard edges and fish a chatter-bait or 4 to 5-inch swim bait along these edges making as long of a cast as possible. Let the bait go to the bottom and reel them back slowly or until you start getting bites. The fish will let you know if they want it fast or slow, so adjust the speed often until you figure them out.

This is a great time of the year to catch a true trophy bass. Best times will be during or close to New or Full moon phases all the way through next April. If we get several days of chilly weather, then several days of warm right behind with a moon phase in the mix it will be game on for the big females to be heading the shallows.

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