Keaton Beach

Keaton Beach September Fishing Report

2452 Nice trout for Logan Giles of Phenix City , Alabama July 26  
2466 “double” for Josh Hayden of St. Augustine, and David Hall of Waldo, Florida  
2458 Jamie Giles with a good redfish July 26  

Trout fishing has been good providing you have a decent breeze to move you along and with sufficient tide to move the water along. That given and we have produced nice trout, including a 24” Sow for young six year old George Thurman on July 28th  despite heat, Hot water and stain so dark you can hardly see 12” in many places north of Spring Warrior. Live pinfish continue to be the ticket for my charters while some folks have eeked out a limit using Assassin plastic rigged up under Original Cajun Thunders.

We have fished from 4.5’ to 7’ so far in August for trout and I would expect to do the same in September until at least the nights begin to start cooling off. Wouldn’t be surprised if it is October before that happens. Trout will prefer pinfish or pigfish as their easy meal in water temps over 85 degrees as it has been of late. They certainly aren’t willing to move far for a bait and the use of a float is highly recommended now (today is August 13) and in September as well.

Long casts help immensely in heavily stained water as trout are afraid to move too much and are more weary of the boat than when they can see what’s coming at them. Don’t misunderstand me, I never fish close to the boat; but high, long casts produce louder entry splashes and attract more trout, which won’t commit to less sound on the initial attraction.

Use simple white, yellow or fluorescent solids with your plastic color choice, now as the stain demands it. No point in “glitter” if the light won’t penetrate to your bait? Fish smart and cover a lot of water, fast, if the water is stained. The presence of bait is always great; but not a requirement if active fish are feeding in stained water. Shorten your patience with less “wait time” and move the bait.

Redfish have been caught from 3.5 feet to out as much as 6.5 feet on board my boat and will be moving away from the too-fresh water close to the hill and looking for food which may have already left the shallows. September could see this fresh water thinning out some if the rains subside. If so, toss jigspinners like the Thunder-Spin and weedless spoons like the HEX Intruders for more redfish in shallow water.

Meanwhile, Let’s Go Fishing!
Pat McGriff dba One More Cast guide service for 28 years!