Kissimmee Chain of Lakes Fishing Forecast – October 2022


I can’t wait for the first cold front in October to get the fish stirred up. I’m already noticing big groups of blue winged teal ducks heading south. Bass and crappie are preparing for the spawn; get ready for fall fishing action!

Kissimmee Chain of Lakes – West Lake Toho is producing good numbers of bass. The state sprayed the Kissimmee chain and canals in September. They are also spraying the boat runs throughout the thicker areas. Good places to fish are the edges of the hydrilla, and anywhere you can find a defined edge. Shiners fished right against the hydrilla works best. Other good areas are Goblins cover, the flood gate structures have been open all September moving water south. Fish the flow – swim baits work well in moving water. The water levels are up in the winter. Lots of fish will be in the Kissimmee grass in shallower water.

East Lake Toho – The bass are holding in close to the edges of the reeds early in the morning. Once the sun gets up they move out to open water vegetation. East Lake is a good artificial lake. Plastics such as trick worms, vibe, and skinny dipper are working great. Colors are watermelon seed, June bug as your best bet. East Lake has a lot of open water Illinois pond weed.

Crappie – fish open water; trolling, or at night with lights are your best bets. Panfish – look for open water shell beds and use live red worms fishing on the bottom. Slow trolling with mylar jigs work great. Tip with a minnow for best results. Add a 3/4 ounce weight about 12 inches above the jig to a couple poles and troll them deep in the water column while you are longlining.