Lake Chatuge

Forecast By: Eric Welch
Welch’s Guide Service

Water temperatures: 59-61 degrees, lake level: 3.5 feet below full pool, water clarity: clear.

Well, we just got past another month of crazy weather, mid 80’s one day and frost during the night. The fish have moved up to their spawning areas. Spotted bass are off rocky points and flats. We’ve been targeting them with shaky heads, tube baits Zoom Critter Craws and swimbaits. Fish these baits slow in the spawning areas because the fish are just picking the lure up to move it.

The largemouth are in the pockets that have water temps around 65 degrees. You will see some on bed, and you will also see the females swimming around. On the bed fish I use a tube, jig, lizard and craw. For the cruising bass I’ve been using a fluke and swimbaits, making long casts and staying back so they can’t see me. Remember, release the bed fish back ASAP unless you’re fishing a tournament. These are the future of our fishing, and they say only 5% of the fry will ever make it.

You should also start seeing some post-spawn fish moving in around timber and around docks. Best bait for the post-spawn fish is a fluke.

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