Lake Okeechobee Fishing Forecast – December

Look forward to the coming cooler weather/temps as the bite will only get better when the bass move in to spawn. The water is beautiful, the bites have been aggressive fishing in the shallows as the bass feed on smaller crappie that have moved up to spawn. They are also chasing smaller bait fish minnows that are in the grasses and outer edges.

Some areas located away from any visible vegetation above the water, located in more open-water areas are producing bites. These off-shore areas have vegetation on the bottom and/or hard-rock bottoms where other forms of food for bass can be found like crawdads and grass shrimp. Fishing open water can be rewarding if you have patience and low-wind conditions. Fishing this type of structure depending on the depth allows you to brush up on your crank bait; c-rig and mojo rig skills. In case you’re wondering what a mojo rig is, it’s set up basically the same as for a c-rig (Carolina rig) but the depth is set up for shallower water presentation and a smaller diameter-size weight (oblong) used less hang-ups.

For the crappie bite – it’s been a slower than normal start due to warmer water temps but the bite is picking up in the shallows as they move in to spawn and is the prime time to book your fun-filled day on the water jigging for crappie in the shallows.

A few areas within the Monkey box have been producing as the bass move in to spawn; the south-end of Dupree bar and some parts of the point of Horse Island. As you move on up North mid/outer grass areas of Tin house; Buckhead ridge and some spotty areas on the bar have all been producing bites. On the east-side of the lake areas around Nub-in-Slough to Hendry creek have been good and you may want to check out some areas around J&S. Check out Capt Angie’s website at or call 863-228-7263.

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