Lanark: November Fishing Report


Lanark is a great place to be in November. This coastline has two unique advantages.
A tall stretch of pine trees that protect fisherman from the north wind, and a lack of deep creeks in the St Theresa area.   With the cold fronts starting to move through north Florida, using the pines to calm the wind will be an awesome way to target reds and trout. As the water temperatures drop into the 60’s, there will be plenty of fish that push shallow to gain heat from the sun.  The colder it gets the tighter the trout and reds will hold to the grassline.  It is a great way to target fish with spoons and jerkbaits.

If sneaking shallow is not your thing, use the only deepwater escape in the area.  The FSU marine lab channel will hold fish.  Bounce jigs in the depths to find the bite. It is a great place to find reds on a low tide, and fish the shallows as the tide rolls in. On warm days topwater is an option all month.

If the weather allows a ride to Dog Island, the techniques are the same around the boat basin.  Shallow fishing, if that is your jam, on the grass flats east and west of the basin.  Deepwater fishing can be excellent if you use the basin to find the bite.  There will be fish in both locations, so test your skills and catch a slam. The basin is a great place for flounder.

Offshore, pick your days and fish the rocky bottom north of K tower.  It will hold gags! Grab some Stretch 30’s and troll at 4 mph.  You could find a late season kingfish bite.

Enjoy November fishing into the holiday season.  It is a great way to spend a day on the water with family and friends.


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