Lanark – June Fishing Report

Lanark – June Fishing Report

It’s Tarpon, Gag Grouper, Cobia and Snapper time!

June traditionally is the month that tarpon will be seen all over the Big Bend. The key to catching these inshore monsters is having the right gear to tackle them. A medium heavy spinning rod paired with a 5000-7000 size spinning reel spooled with 50# braid will get the job done. A five foot 60# fluorocarbon leader is also recommended to use with tarpon that can be tied to the braid using an Improved Albright Knot. Most fish that we see in our area are either pushing 100 # or bigger. The key to live bait fishing these beasts is setting up in an area that fish are being seen and anchor. Rig up a good size pinfish or live mullet to a 5/0 off set circle hook and drift the bait under a slip on cork. In the Lanark area, most tarpon anglers are fishing areas that fish can be seen moving over sandy bottom flats in 4 to 7 foot of water.

Gag grouper and cobia are being caught in very good numbers in state waters all along the Big Bend. Look for good bottom in the 35-40 foot of water and hold on!! The State and Federal Gag grouper season is open in June so take advantage of an above average year this year for bottom fishing.  I fished public numbers a few times recently off Dog Island and limited out quickly on Gags on live pinfish and frozen menhaden. Kingfish are still hanging around structure all around the Big Bend. Rig up live bait to a light wire leader and free line out the back of your boat while grouper fishing and more than likely it will get hit by a plus size kings.

Redfish and gator trout catches will continue to stay hot in the month of June. Redfish will tend to stay close to structure in the summertime months and move off as the tide drops. Target oyster bars and rock structure at the top end of high tide and 2 to 3 hours of the fall. Work a top water plug or spoon to fool these opportunistic feeders. I am getting very good reports of boats limiting out on trout in the Carrabelle River area. Make sure you get a good look at the tides; Lanark, St. Teresa and Carrabelle River can get pretty shallow in certain areas. Work areas slowly and move off shallow flats as the tide falls and conversely as high tide rises move onto the shallows.

June is a prime month to begin targeting multiple species on any trip. So get out, support your local tackle shop and bend a rod!