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Catching Bonefish from a Kayak

To the uninitiated, the speed of a bonefish's first run is hard to believe. Line leaves the reel at an alarming rate, and many fishermen wonder if the fish might take it all and keep right on going. That first amazing run is, for most flats stalkers like myself, the true payoff of a lot of study and effort pursuing the gray ghost of the flats - the wily bonefish.

First Coast Flats Reds

Not too many years ago the idea of seeing and catching redfish on shallow flats in Northeast Florida made about as much sense as catching bonefish and permit along the First Coast. Since bonefish and permit are unavailable in this part of the state, getting redfish on the flats obviously made no sense either.

Fall Flounder Frenzy

It's about that time... the time when coastal anglers are anxiously awaiting the first cold front. By the time the second cold snap hits the coast, the cool breezes and dropping water temperature will have triggered most adult flounder to start their annual pilgrimage to deeper waters for spawning.

Winter Wade Fishing Preparation

Dropping temperatures are just around the corner and with it the water temperature will begin to fall bringing giant speckled trout back into the anglers range. Will your winter wading gear be ready when you are?

Increasing Cast Distance: Rod Action

Over the last couple of articles we took a look at reel manufacturers’ recent upgrades to anti-backlash technology, and how to tune that new rocket launcher. Now that it’s all tuned up based on the size and weight of lure that you are using, let’s take a look at how to use your rod, and execute the proper arm and wrist movements to increase your casting distance.

Is Your Home The Best?

As a hunter, it is easy for me to get stuck in patterns. Sometimes they are patterns that work and sometimes they are not. I tend to ignore the patterns that work because, well because they work. The only problem with that is I want to be the best hunter I can be.

Cobia Cowboys

Now is the time to go fishing, not in a week or a month, but today. This is the Gulf Coast of Mississippi from our green bayous, to the boat filled bays, to our sun kissed islands, we got great fishing covered.

Casting Heavy vs. Bulky Flies

Unless someone brings it up, you may not give much thought to the fact that there are two types of “big” flies. There are big bulky, wind-resistant flies that if thrown by hand would be light and bushy and not go very far, like a deer hair mouse. And there are big, heavy flies that if thrown by hand would go a long way because of their weight.

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Bi-Op-Sea Wins 33rd Annual Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament

The tally of two sailfish and one blue marlin releases based on time earned a jackpot payout of $44,200 for the local team

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