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Fawns Best Left in the Wild

Every year, the lives of many young wild animals are destroyed by well-meaning people who attempt to "rescue" them from the wild.

When I Say “Duck”

If you are a duck hunter in Florida, you know that in the month of September we get to wet our appetites with September’s teal and wood duck season. I have recently done some scouting and have seen a good number of blue wing teals in my area.

Top of the Food Chain

Nature has a way of dictating what happens to its food webs. Things are constantly in flux, fish are moving in and out, and predators follow closely. It is the best game of cat and mouse. As a scientist, I am constantly amazed and also perplexed by how nature can be resilient at times to some things (storms, human presence), and extremely sensitive to others (changes in water quality, temperature, etc).

Sometimes Small is Better

Occasionally in the late summer or fall we will come across sailfish balling small sardines offshore in 200 to 800 feet of water. We have had times when we found these fish and had a live well full of big goggle eyes and beautiful herring, normally great sailfish bait. The sailfish would not eat these baits.

Backpacking Basics for Hunters, Hikers, and Fishermen

By Richard Griggs Backpacking equipment has come a long way. Technology and product development have allowed improvements in pack design, …

This Deer Season, Try “Talkin’ Em In”

It’s been many years since grunt tubes hit the market. Back then I was convinced that these so called "deer calls" were nothing more than a gimmick. Boy was I wrong.

Versatility: Freshwater Kayak Fishing

Freshwater kayak fishing is a sport that is growing by leaps and bounds. Many anglers have discovered that fishing for their favorite species from the helm of a kayak is quite a thrill. It can be assumed that the majority of these anglers tend to pursue one or two different species on a regular basis due to the simple fact of convenience.

In The Surf, Outta Sight

Have you ever wondered what a professional angler does on his day off? Ninety-five percent of us work all week so that we can jerk lips on the weekend, but what if that is what you do all week long?

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Bi-Op-Sea Wins 33rd Annual Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament

The tally of two sailfish and one blue marlin releases based on time earned a jackpot payout of $44,200 for the local team

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