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Winter Wade Fishing Preparation

Dropping temperatures are just around the corner and with it the water temperature will begin to fall bringing giant speckled trout back into the anglers range. Will your winter wading gear be ready when you are?

Increasing Cast Distance: Rod Action

Over the last couple of articles we took a look at reel manufacturers’ recent upgrades to anti-backlash technology, and how to tune that new rocket launcher. Now that it’s all tuned up based on the size and weight of lure that you are using, let’s take a look at how to use your rod, and execute the proper arm and wrist movements to increase your casting distance.

Is Your Home The Best?

As a hunter, it is easy for me to get stuck in patterns. Sometimes they are patterns that work and sometimes they are not. I tend to ignore the patterns that work because, well because they work. The only problem with that is I want to be the best hunter I can be.

Cobia Cowboys

Now is the time to go fishing, not in a week or a month, but today. This is the Gulf Coast of Mississippi from our green bayous, to the boat filled bays, to our sun kissed islands, we got great fishing covered.

Casting Heavy vs. Bulky Flies

Unless someone brings it up, you may not give much thought to the fact that there are two types of “big” flies. There are big bulky, wind-resistant flies that if thrown by hand would be light and bushy and not go very far, like a deer hair mouse. And there are big, heavy flies that if thrown by hand would go a long way because of their weight.

Bass and Bill fishing from one location — Mazatlan!

Located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, Lake El Salto is a top producer of quality largemouth bass. Your worst day on this lake is likely better than the best day on your home waters. Located near the northwest Mexican resort city Mazatlan, it is probably the easiest lake to get to.

Breaking With Tradition

If you saw my favorite fishing rods in a tackle shop, not only wouldn’t you buy them, but you probably would point out to the store’s owner that somebody doesn’t know how to build a fishing rod. Most anglers remain wrapped in tradition, convinced that the basic approach to rod building has passed the test of time and if there was a way to improve them other than materials, it would have been done long ago.

Essential Items to Pack for a Saltwater Fly-Fishing Trip

No saltwater fly fishing trip is complete without a well stocked tackle bag. This is what’s in mine...

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Keys Kids Catch’em Up At The 25th Annual Derby

112 Keys Kids participated in the 25th Annual Keys Kids Fishing Derby on September 25th hosted by the Lorelei.  Junior anglers pay no fee to participate in this event.  They may fish in one of three different divisions, Offshore, Shoreline or Backcountry and awards are given for three different age groups in each of these divisions.

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