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Winter and Early Springtime Bass Fishing

Seasons for catching bass come and go. Of the seasons, there is not one that I enjoy any more than early springtime. Tight lines and good luck!

Pancho the YouTube Sensation

Got to see this Sea Lion! Watch a 35 pound Dorado get stolen out of the chef’s hands during the filming of our new show Chef on the Water.

Focus on the Front

Here in the Southeastern part of the country we do not experience traditional winters. What we do see are a series of cold fronts. They usually begin around Thanksgiving and commence sometime around Spring Training.

Fish with a Friend, Find a Mentor, and Go to Trade Shows

Fishing with a friend is one of the greatest joys when out on the water. You can share the exciting experiences of your catches!

Vertical Jigging for Winter Fishing

Whether you are freshwater winter fishing a southern coastal area or spots where a snowmobile is standard in the driveway, fish go deep in the winter.

Southern River Muskies – Where the Hunt Never Stops

While musky fishing continues to gain popularity, northern states continue to garner the press for the top musky destinations and rightfully so.

Venting tool requirement removed in Gulf waters

Soon Florida anglers will no longer be required to have and use a venting tool when fishing for reef fish in Gulf of Mexico state waters.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Successful fishing involves just as much mental anticipation and planning as it does physical prowess. Most of us are prepared for the target species, but too many anglers never give an advanced thought to anything beyond that.

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Keys Kids Catch’em Up At The 25th Annual Derby

112 Keys Kids participated in the 25th Annual Keys Kids Fishing Derby on September 25th hosted by the Lorelei.  Junior anglers pay no fee to participate in this event.  They may fish in one of three different divisions, Offshore, Shoreline or Backcountry and awards are given for three different age groups in each of these divisions.

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