Scuba Conditions: May 2021

Hogfish season opens May 1. Photo credit: Drew McAurthur/Shutterstock.

Summer diving season begins in May! Water temps are warming up, grouper season opens again and many divers will make their first dive of the year this month.

Hunters know grouper and hogfish seasons open this month and many will be out opening day for the first crack at a big one. May 1 is quickly becoming a tradition similar to July’s lobster mini season. Many divers organize special trips to take advantage of the start of the season to including some sites usually picked over later in the year like the David-T or the Cement Barge out of Stuart. These areas can hold some big fish at the beginning of the season.

Since sea conditions have been so poor this winter, many divers have may be surprised to realize how much time has passed since their last dive. Speargun bands in storage may have become dry-rotted and should be inspected and replaced before a trip comes up.  Now is a great time to review tank inspection stickers and check hydro dates to ensure both are current; this will help avoid any surprises when having tanks refilled the night before a trip.

Gear in storage should be tested for function to ensure a safe dive and any safety concern should be dealt with before heading offshore. Regulator service at the dive shop may take longer this time of year so plan accordingly. A quick pool session is also a great way to brush up on skills and shake down any issues before heading out on the next dive.

With calmer conditions and better visibility this month, consider exploring some nearshore reefs just off area beaches. After such a rough winter, sand shifts should be expected to both cover and uncover sections of reef in Peck Lake and the shallow reefs off the beach between Fort Pierce and Vero. These dives are “easy”, shallow and are a great way to cool off when the mid-day sun gets cranking.

Keep an eye out for mating sea turtles on the surface while running between spots.

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