St Augustine Offshore


Is it still Summer?


September is a strange month. Is it fall or summer? It’s a little of both. September is normally marked by calm seas without the crowds. Bottom fishing can be on fire even on the nearshore bottom from 80 to 100ft. The arrival of large schools of bait fish signal the upcoming cooler months ahead.

I prefer lighter tackle this time of year. 50# leader with a number 4 circle hook is my go to rig. A live sardine on the bottom will produce a variety of snapper species including Vermillion, Mangrove and the occasional Mutton. Cobia. Amberjack and the occasional Grouper will be in the mix. Wherever you see bait is usually as good as anywhere to fish. Try to position the boat just up current of the structure.

On the troll, there will be plenty of King fish around. The same live sardines that you would use for bottom bait work extremely well when slow trolled on light wire.

If you choose to burn the fuel bottom fishing is excellent in the deeper depths. 21 to 28 fathoms. I would change up my tackle to a little heavier set up. I like at least 80# leader. If grouper are your target species I would bump it up to 100#

Whatever you choose enjoy the last of the predictably calm seas of the year.

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Captain  Robert Johnson

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