St. Johns/ Green Cove

St. Johns/ Green Cove February Fishing Report


Now that Mother Nature has eased her grip, we can start trying to figure out what’s what.

The Specks should, for all practical purposes, be on fire.  They’ll be hitting the shallows up and down the River and in the Lakes, wanting to ease the burden of all those eggs.  As the waters warm and the moons get bright, then look for these beauties to be stacked up and willing to hit it and get it  Baits used:  minnows, jigs, road runners, beetle spins and little tubes.  Work the edge of pads and around structures in the 8-10 feet depth, moving shallow until you find them.  So have at it!

Next will be the Large Mouth.  They’ll be spawning heavy on the “springs” areas like Silver Glen, et al.  Lake George area.  Sight fishing becomes the normal, but some folks like to find a nice spawning area and put out some shiners.  They’ll tell you real quick if anything’s active.  And as for this area of the River, just start fishing the mouths of creeks and the out-of-the-wind spots and sunny warm side of the River.  The East side is very good, ’cause it is normally less abused by the winds and the areas warm quicker in the afternoon sun.  Shiners are a great choice, but you can also use top water plastics like craws and the ever popular lipless crank bait to catch these bass.  The plus side of this bait, is the hybrid like it a lot.  So start slow and give it a go.

Stripers and hybrids should bite on the lipless crank baits and the ever popular shiner, followed closely by bait shrimp fished on the bottom.  These beauties are fun to catch and they taste wonderful.  You’ll want to work the pilings around the bridge and also around the old Shands Pier on the Clay side.  You can get your string stretched if you’re lucky.  Well, give it a go!

Now by the later part of the month, if Mother Nature acts right, the Bream and the Shell Cracker should start up.  Fishing worms on the bottom works.

I almost forgot Warmouth.  These fighting, great-tasting beauties will be at your disposal with a nice piece of worm or a minnow.  Hit it around and in the pads.  These tasty hard-fighting beauties love to linger in the pads for a few hours, as well as a nice hiding spot.  So if you’re so inclined, go for it.

The water temps should be warming to the point that Catfish activity will be good.  Creeks and the backs of coves and near warming creeks, fished with either night crawlers or smaller shiners or even minnows, should locate you some, so go.

Next on the salty side, the Reds will be around, looking to eat anything they can.  Clams, crabs, shrimp, shiners, they’ll just need to feed.  Weedlines on the sunny side, followed by good warm flats with a food source, i.e., bait fish in the area, so go if you want to.

Well, that’s it for now.  ‘Til next time–Keep your line wet and your lure movin’.  —  Richard