UCF Reel Knights Update – July

By Connor Byrne

It’s the heat of the summer and school is out for the most part except the few students attending the summer session. Thank our good lord above for finally bringing the rains to the Central Florida region. Almost all of the small ponds and retention areas that we fish here on campus had dropped their levels considerably and some almost dried up leaving the fish to be prey to the birds that live and hunt nearby. The Econ River and the St John’s River water levels are finally getting back to normal elevations for this time of year. Rains are common almost every afternoon so be aware of the quick moving storms and lighting. Stay safe!

Summer also brings ICAST to our Orlando Convention Center. This is not a public trade show, but it is the fishing industry’s largest ‘trade only’ show. It will be attended by several thousand people and will showcase the latest and greatest of all the new fishing accessories, gadgets, hardware, tackle, apparel and anything else needed by outdoor anglers and industry related companies. All of the biggest companies and their pro staff anglers will be there. It is like being a little kid in the largest candy store in the world, with all sport fishing related items! We will have several of our members in attendance all with one thing in mind, our great sponsors and industry supporters. We will make the rounds to thank them for their blessed support and ask them to please continue helping us with providing our members with their great products. The list is too long to mention everyone as well as the new companies we hope to add to this years’ sponsor list. If you are one of the lucky attendees, look for us.

Thanks as always to Hell’s Bay Boatworks and to Orlando Coastal Angler Magazine for providing us the platform for this monthly UCF Reel Knights community message.