West Canada Creek Report

By Charlie Warfield

May is prime time of the WCC. That is because you will have a great chance at great fish using a variety of flies. Early in the month BWOs, Blue Quills, Quill Gordons and small black stoneflies will be hatching. The fishing can be good all day especially in shaded areas or pocket water where fish hold and feel safe. Early may is also an excellent time of year to search for large trout with streamers.

The best streamer fishing is always in low light conditions because that is when large piscivorous  – fish eating – trout are out hunting. I like a larger articulated fly like the Drunk and Disorderly, Circus Peanut, or Sex Dungen. I have also had great success with other large swimming streamers too like a Sparkle Minnow, The Chit, or Zoo Cougar. You can swing these flies in deep water or retrieve them with a jerk in the shallower runs.

As the water warms and we get closer to the middle of May, we will begin to start seeing the Grey Fox, Hendrickson, Light Cahill, and Red Quill hatches pick up. The best time to target fish with a dry fly this time of year is generally about an hour and a half before dark until you can’t see anymore. Use a downstream presentation for the best results. Take advantage of the warming water and greater fish activity and Fish more! Catch more!