Abaco Offshore Fishing Forecast – June 2013

yellowfin-tuna2I almost missed my forecast this month as I have been taking so much time off to go fishin’! You can expect a great showing of yellowfin in June. The waters are the perfect temperature for the influx of tuna to the south. Migrating up from Andros along the edge, you can find 100 pound yellowfin jumping on the surface. Trolling or chunking will get you the best haul. The “tuna birds” are plentiful along the top as they are feeding and following the schools below. While trolling, keep your teaser out to try your luck at some marlin. You are going to want to use ballyhoo and goggle eyes and keep your “spread” wide and far from the boat. I still stand by your good ole’ fashion cedar plug to bring in the big boys though.

The winds will have calmed down and your best bet is to head out in the early morning. I’ve noticed that in the later afternoon you do see a lot of birds, but they are more-so “looking” rather than feeding.

The full moon on June 23rd will provide you with some real excitement if you want to try your luck with the snappers in Sandy Point. But remember to pull ‘em up fast or the sharks will take them all!

Stop in a give me a “hail” when you are down my way! Looking forward to see you at Schooner Bay!

Tight Lines my friends!

FORECAST BY: June Russell, Adventures Coordinator
Schooner Bay, South Abaco, Bahamas
Phone: (242) 458-5577
Email: June.russell@lindroth.cc
Website: www.schoonerbaybahamas.comwww.blackflylodge.com