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The Problem With Your Sonar

If you’re experiencing difficulty with your sonar, it’s more than likely caused by an improperly mounted transducer.

3…2…1 Gentlemen, Start your Engines!

By the time you get this issue, the countdown to the Providence Boat Show will be up and boaters like you will be making your way to the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence Jan. 31 - Feb. 2 to see boats, gear, and an incredible lineup of seminars and special events.

2013 Mississippi Charter Boat Review

In this issue of Coastal Angler Magazine, I wanted to take sometime to look back at the charter boats of the Mississippi Gulf Coast that made 2013 a glorious year of fishing.

Online Shopping, Used Electronics, and Other Purchasing Pitfalls: Part II

So who can you trust? Well, there is a reason I spend so much money at West Marine. In fact, I purchase over 90% of my electronics, wire, fittings, sealants, etc. from West Marine.

Smart Boating To and From the Dock!

Docks and boats spend a lot of time together, but the skill of managing the two when approaching or departing your berthing area, requires practice and an awareness of the significance of the winds and currents.

Online Shopping, Used Electronics, and Other Purchasing Pitfalls: Part I

People occasionally approach me to install used electronics or in search of various cables, knobs, brackets, etc. for used electronics. Often they bought the unit online, it was a gift, or it is being transferred from another boat.

40th Annual Stuart Boat Show is “On Deck”

The 40th Annual Stuart Boat Show returns Friday, January 10th-12th for a three-day festive event, featuring over $100 Million in marine products on display both in-water and on land.

Boat Reviews

Sealander II Deck Boat

The SeaLander II is a pontoon type deck on an air boat type hull. The result is a fishing/party boat …

Piranha F2000 Boat Review

Piranha Boatworks of Sanford, Fla. has designed the ultimate fishing platform with its F2000 Flats/Bay boat. Drafting 6 to 8 inches, with a maximum of 150 hp, this sleek hull can get you to and from your favorite fishing grounds in short order. It offers all that Piranha Boatworks is famous for, a large forward casting deck, plenty of storage fore and aft and 6 under-gunnel rod holders.

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