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Build Your Own Portable Fishfinder

If you’re like me, you have a venerable armada of vessels. You’ve got a bass boat, an offshore float, a canoe, a rowboat, a kayak and some inflatables. Every one represents a compromise, and you’re not willing to put yourself in anything but the best possible position to catch fish. Don’t worry—this is foolproof logic. At least it works on my fiancé. Or rather, she pretends it does. After some back and forth, it turns out I am OK with it. Please don’t judge me.

Progressive Insurance New York Boat Show Celebrates 110 Years of America’s Favorite Pastime Jan. 21-25 at the Javits Center

The 2015 Progressive Insurance New York Boat Show docks at the Javits Center Jan. 21-25, giving boaters the chance to shop, compare and find competitive deals everything from luxury motor yachts and sportfishers to performance boats, sailboats, and thousands of marine accessories.
Charleston Boat Show

35 Year-Old Tradition, the Charleston Boat Show, Opens January 23

“Boating, fishing and all things water is really what this show is all about. It’s an annual reunion of people who share the same passion and love a great deal,” said JBM & Associates owner, Jacqui Bomar. “We have been producing this show for 14 years, and it is fascinating to watch the excitement on everyone’s faces as they peruse through the event. It’s like 10,000 kids in one giant candy store.”
Boss Audio Marine Products

BOATING & TOWING-10 Things to Buy Your Boat for the Holidays

It’s that time of year. The boats are inside (or in the South, they’re maybe used less). There’s more time for hunting, honey-dos and football. The holidays are coming up fast; you have gifts to buy and turkeys to eat.


As a young marine mechanic, I worked with an old salt who swore a good hull doesn’t need trim tabs. He was probably right about some hulls, but generally, adding trim tabs can make a good hull perform even better. Tabs give the skipper much more control as well as the ability to create dramatic changes to ride attitude.

Sometimes A Long Run Is Just Wasting Gas

You have been wasting gas almost every time you leave the dock. You’ve been doing it for almost as long as you’ve had a boat. It’s not your fault; it’s been ingrained in you by years of habit. As long as you’ve had that boat, you’ve cracked the throttles wide as soon as you’ve cleared the no-wake zone.

Speakin Englis- A fishing trip with Capt. E

As a former charter captain and guide service owner, I found a huge importance in trying to target corporate business to bring in businesses and have them offer incentive programs for employees that would include guided fishing trips. Most businesses have a budget for employee incentives, and it can be awarded as a prize in a sales contest or just a thank you to a group of special employees that may need a little “Reelaxation.”

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Sealander II Deck Boat

The SeaLander II is a pontoon type deck on an air boat type hull. The result is a fishing/party boat …

Piranha F2000 Boat Review

Piranha Boatworks of Sanford, Fla. has designed the ultimate fishing platform with its F2000 Flats/Bay boat. Drafting 6 to 8 inches, with a maximum of 150 hp, this sleek hull can get you to and from your favorite fishing grounds in short order. It offers all that Piranha Boatworks is famous for, a large forward casting deck, plenty of storage fore and aft and 6 under-gunnel rod holders.

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