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Why Donate Your Boat?

Ever wonder what happens to your boat and it’s proceeds when you donate it? I certainly have. Recently I had the opportunity to meet personally with Brian Stewart, CEO of Boat Angel, at their Mesa, Arizona offices.

Introducing the Helicat

Founder/Inventor, Sandy Williamson, recently introduced the marine community to one of the most unique vessels ever shown at The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. This dual hull (catamaran) style vessel features a cock-pit navigation booth reminiscent of a helicopter.

Terrafin Goes Mobile

Successful offshore anglers know that monitoring the latest satellite data can be key to locating areas likely to be holding bait and game fish. Now anglers on the go can take that satellite data with them, thanks to the Terrafin Mobile app.

A Short History of Boats

What are we to make of this love affair mankind has with vessels that transport us to and fro across the world’s waterways? Since as early as the Mesolithic age (10,000 to 5,000 BC) the human race has been drawn to bodies of water for both sustenance and serenity, and has, in the process, devised countless variations of watercraft designed to either float or plane them atop these waters.

Outfitting Your Boat for Offshore Fishing

One of the most enjoyable experiences we have in our industry is helping our clients outfit or purchase their boat for offshore waters. Sharing the optimism of new and endless fishing and boating opportunities is special to us and we take a lot of pride in our customer’s success stories and growth. A lot of people who move to a coastal location or have just purchased their first vessel may feel intimidated as to what equipment is mandated by law, needed for success and what may be simply a waste of money and time. With modern marine technology being what it is and the endless fishing rods, reels and tackle on the market, minimizing your learning curve is an asset to the offshore fishing rookie.

Triton 240 LTS

Anglers searching for a top-of-the-line bay boat with exceptional ride, loads of room and speed to burn will love the Triton 240 LTS. With an 8-6 beam and loads of dry storage, this space-machine is made to carry you and your favorite crew plus all the tackle you’ll ever want whether the day’s target is redfish in the marshes, tarpon on the flats or stripers outside the surf.

Duroboat Review

All Duroboat models share the modified-V hull that is the optimum compromise between a seaworthy ride, and fuel efficiency. The patented Durojoint system of hull construction was invented in Australia in the late 1970s. The secret of the durojoint is that the compressive forces that shock the seams of an aluminum hull are dissipated along the continuous edge of the durojoint.

Boat Reviews

Sealander II Deck Boat

The SeaLander II is a pontoon type deck on an air boat type hull. The result is a fishing/party boat …

Piranha F2000 Boat Review

Piranha Boatworks of Sanford, Fla. has designed the ultimate fishing platform with its F2000 Flats/Bay boat. Drafting 6 to 8 inches, with a maximum of 150 hp, this sleek hull can get you to and from your favorite fishing grounds in short order. It offers all that Piranha Boatworks is famous for, a large forward casting deck, plenty of storage fore and aft and 6 under-gunnel rod holders.

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