Homosassa Area

A very nice double limit of trout caught by Denver Turner and Roger Jones off Homosassa. They ranged from 22″ – 18″.

HEAD FOR THE REDS With winter hopefully out of the picture, spring in fullforce, and summer nipping on our heals, this month of April is definitely amost favored time of the year for bonuses in angling.Check it out, the winds have started to subside, the daysare longer, the water temps are on the rise (high 70’s) but not miserable yet,so the fish are eager to feed up.Let’s do something a little different than the norm andstart with the offshore and work our way in.You need but only find or have that day good enough forboating to get out there, cause the kingfish are waiting for ya. Trolling is the best way to take one of myfavorite eating sport fish. Start your trolling over good bottom or structureat 18 to 20 foot depths. Use your stretch plugs in 18’ or 25’. Or the Rapalasin the same. Colors like firetiger, blue and white, and red and white will beproductive.Closer in the cobes will be hanging on and around ournearshore rock piles. When approaching one, motor down well off, and trollquietly up to it. Anchor up current, toss out a chum bag, and then toss afrisky pinfish around the area. Good chances are you’ll take more than one. Alot of times they run in pairs.Further towards shore. Say in the 3’ to 5’ depths. Thetrout have moved out of the river mouths and creeks and extreme shallowsstalking the flats in search of most anything thrown their way. Utilize aFishbites extreme scent release plastic shrimp, paddle tail, or jerkbait undera Cajun-Thunder to locate these fish. For our Nature Coast, Crystal River,Homosassa area, try Ed’s Bait and Tackle in Crystal River to find theseproducts. A lot of folks don’t or can’t carry these products, and Ed’s has whatworks.Now.. let’s venture further inshore around the islandsand my favorite place, the backcountry, to as I would say, Head for the Reds!This is one of about 3 times of the year where you can find some excellentredfishing.Reason being, they’re starting to school up, the waterand conditions are getting righteous, the bait is abundant, and they just haveto have something similar swim their way to oblige and make you happy with ahookup. Work the ole proverbial banks, cuts, pockets, and pointsfor the best success. Keep one of 2 or 3 things tied up and ready to toss toem. You do have more than 1 rod to fish with right?Have a weedless rigged jerkbait in the “chicken on achain” color by assassin. Have a Thunder-Spin saltwater spinnerbait tied onanother. And maybe a live bait hook tied under a Cajun on the third just incase you see some fish, but they’re finicky and need to toss a shrimp, pinfishor one of those fresh cut up ladyfish you caught earlier when trout fishing.Get out and enjoy what our month of April has to offer onthe beautiful Citrus County waterways.
Submitted By: Capt. Rick Burns
Reel Burns Charters