Hot On The Water

Whew it’s been hot on the water. The inshore bite has been steady. To try to beat the heat I’ve been fishing early in the morning or late evening. When fishing late evening you need to keep an eye out for the summer thunderstorms. As the storms pass they will cool off both the air and the water temps. Typical catches for early morning and late afternoon/evening trips has been Snook,Trout, Mangrove Snapper, Spanish Mackerel and Sharks. The Snook I’ve been targeting around mangrove points closer to open water with higher salinity levels. The Spanish Mackerel, Sharks and Mangrove Snappers have come while fishing submerged structures like rock piles and ledges. I’ve been using a mixture of both live Scaled Sardines and dead bait. In the heat of the summer fish get lethargic and dead bait is a great way to get bites when they don’t want to chase a bait.

Another great way to beat the heat is to jump in and go scalloping! I offer Scallop Charters in the beautiful crystal clear waters of Homosassa. Limits of scallops have been coming with relative ease in depths from 3-6ft. If you go on your own make sure you fly a dive flag and pay attention to other boaters and swimmers in the area. Also please do not dump cleaned scallops shells in the river.

Capt. Bobby Woodard