Lake Eufaula April 2017 Forecast

by Capt Sam Williams

Water temperature: low 60’s, lake level: 189.23 msl, water clarity: dingy.

Changing weather patterns continue to effect fishing. Bass are is various stages of spawning. We saw sows on the beds last week, and this week we are catching buck bass there. We are catching bass behind cover on the bank early with Texas rigged worms and lizards. We have ben punching thicker cover and catching better fish. Deep cover is still holding fish when the shallow bite slows.

Crappie are still scattered. We have been throwing minnows close to grass lines and picking up a few. The fish are trying to come shallow to spawn. We caught bream, cats, bass and hybrids fishing the grass lines. The night fishermen are doing well under the causeways using lights.
Panfish have not moved up yet, and catfish are doing well, especially on jugs using cut bait.
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Fishing is going to continue to get better in the next few weeks as the weather patterns stabilize. Spring fishing on Lake Eufaula is going to be hotter than ever. Plan your trip, bring your family and enjoy God’s great outdoors. God Bless & Good Fishn’