Lake Martin

The Foshee and Pritchard boys from Alexander City show off their night catch with Capt David Hare

by Capt David Hare

Surface temperature: 85 degrees, lake level: 490.58(491.00 full pool), clarity: clear to very clear.

Happy 4th of July! Here on Lake Martin, July will be the busiest month on the lake, especially during the holidays. In saying this please, be extra careful while out on the water.

July is a great time to carry the little ones out for a lot of fishing action. Bream fishing will be at its peak this month, and you are talking about action that’s really fun with ultra-lite tackle and a bucket of crickets. To find these fun fighting fish, look in shallow sandy areas and back of pockets with lots of debris floating in the back. Once you locate these fish, it will be crazy bites with crickets, and you will be a fishing hero in your youngster’s eyes!

This is also a good time to get your light-weight fly rod out and some popping bugs and hit the water at daylight. You should fill your limit fast with nice size bass and giant bream. Over the years the northern end of the lake and all up in the north part of the river toward Erwin Shoals has been a favorite of ours for this type of fishing.

Stripers will continue to move in and stay in deeper cooler areas of the lake. For best results during the day, try trolling spoons along with big jigs. For best results at night, fish deep water pier lights with crankbaits and light line. Don’t forget to work these lights with topwater lures also. If you are fortunate enough to have live shad, then you need to fish my favorite way which is fishing these baits real deep near the thermal line and be very patient. Remember check your bait often because the deeper you fish, the quicker the bait will die, and you always want fresh lively bait for trophy stripers. Try the dam and Goat Island area as it has produced some giants over the last several summer night trips.

Catfishing with noodles and jugs should produce well in the Pleasure Point area at night.

Until next time, be safe and catch one for me!