Nassau Inshore Fishing Forecast – April 2013

John Fanto from Casper, WY with his catch. PHOTO CREDIT: Bonefish Simon.

During March, there was lots of moisture in the air. You could also feel the cooler air pushing down from the north and northeast. The cold in Boston, New York and Jersey lets me know it’s time to start fishing the landlocked lake in March. If the weather stays cold/cool in the Northeastern U.S., we will be fishing the landlocked lake in April as well. It is just filled with bonefish, tarpon and permit. On a recent trip we picked up a handful of 9-to-14 pound bonefish. Also caught a nice juvenile tarpon, which was very cool as my angler guests wanted to catch one! Hooked one shark on the flats on the south side of Nassau and guess what? We broke my push pole. On the way back from the landlocked lake I found a large school of bonefish and tarpon that were literally 15 feet from me and my client’s feet. We caught probably eight of those, only one nice keeper though, but they were lots of fun! It looks like the fishing will continue to stay strong as we move into the middle of spring.

FORECAST BY: Bonefish Simon Bain
Bahamas Two-Time Fishing Champion
Fly Fishing Adventures
Nassau, Bahamas
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