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Polarized Sunglasses: The Most Important Tool for Catching Fish

The variety of polarized lens colors choices can prove confusing to the uninitiated so here are a few guidelines when selecting your glasses.

Sunglasses Spell Fishing Success

We hear more and more from doctors about the necessity of using sunglasses, hats and sunscreen to protect us from French-frying our skin while searching for big fish.

Redfish Capital of the World

Most of the readers out there have heard that Venice, La. is the redfish capitol of the world. Yes I know that there are redfish in every coastal spot in Louisiana. I have fished in most areas and caught reds in all of them. However, Venice, La. is at the mouth of the largest River in the country. This River brings tons of nutrients south and deposits them in and around the River Delta. These nutrients feed the organisms that feed the small fish. This starts the “food chain” that leads to the red fish and up to the “bull reds”.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected… Especially on Your Birthday

Tony and Brian have fished with me a handful of times over the last year and have always had extremely good luck. This trip would make no exception.

I Spy Poonage!

Dave Raymond and I had been hitting the sales bricks hard for the last few days and an early morning of pitching baits to monsters on the beach seemed like the ideal way convince us that putting out a fishing magazine really is a glamorous job.

Myth-Busting Florida’s Invasive Lionfish

First reported sightings of a lionfish in Florida waters date back to 1985. Reports slowly increased over the years and eventually resulted in an explosion of sightings around 2009. This is not solely a Florida event but one of international proportions. The affected areas now range from the northern coastline of South America, throughout the entire Caribbean, Central America, Gulf of Mexico and eastern seaboard of the U.S.

The Crossover

In its infancy, kayak fishing was all about lightweight stealthy paddle crafts that provided anglers with a fairly inexpensive alternative to a flats skiff or bass boat. Many participated in the sport of kayak fishing while they saved their pennies to purchase the motorized version of the boat that best suited their style of fishing.

Bow, Tip and Roll a Tarpon

Spring/Summer time is big tarpon time for saltwater fly rodders! No matter if you’re casting the fly to giant river tarpon in Belize or migrating tarpon in the Keys the best way to subdue these monsters is to “Bow, Tip and Roll.”

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ASA Reveals Plans for ICAST 2020 Online

ICAST Online will virtually connect the sportfishing industry this July 13 – 17

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