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Lake Calcasieu—the Model Estuary

The big Desperado center console handle the chop on the lake very nicely and as I pulled the throttle back on the Yamaha she came off plane and settled onto the surface of the lake. I could almost not believe it, but as I sat there in the quiet void left after turning off the outboard it almost seemed surreal.

Adventures South of the Border

Charles and I heard that there were big yellow fin about 20 miles out from Cabo and decided to go …

To Stakeout or Anchor your Kayak

Much like the Power Pole has revolutionized the way powerboat anglers anchor, the stake out pole has given kayak anglers …

Making Fish Eat

Frustration fosters disappointment in most of us when we watch some of the more aggressive predators refuse every offering we toss in front of them. At times, they’ll turn down frisky live baits, palate tempting dead morsels oozing the aroma of something good to eat, or your favorite artificial. Fish don’t eat continuously or chase down everything they see. Frequently, refusal can be traced to a phase of feeding rhythm in which the fish ignores food.

Choosing the Best Material for a Wire Leader

When you fly fish in saltwater, there will be times when you will be dealing with a toothy critter, namely the barracuda, the shark, the needle fish, the Sierra mackerel, or numerous other fish sporting sharp “ivories” capable of severing the heaviest monofilament and fluorocarbon leaders. It is the savvy saltwater fly fisherman who has learned to attach a bite-proof tippet to his fly line.

Terminal Tackle for Freshwater Means Simplicity

Freshwater anglers need few terminal tackle fittings, meaning the snaps, swivels, riggings, rings, wire and such that are mandatory in …

What it Takes – Bourgeois Charters

Coastal Angler Magazine’s National Ad Representative Spencer Shorr recently interviewed Theophile Bourgeois, owner of Bourgeois Fishing Charters, in beautiful South Louisiana. His charters provide fishing on the bayous of South Louisiana, just thirty minutes from downtown New Orleans, using only licensed and insured captains, and now offering a seaplane ride to the fishing grounds of specks and reds (Chandelier Islands and Gosier Island). This is a guided Wade fishing charter for specks and reds on top-water bait!

Precision Crimping (cable) Stinger Hooks

I have received many letters and calls from customers that have inquired about an alternate to the "cat's paw" connection (single strand wire) for the stinger hook on the Chin Weight. Some of the emails have been from novice anglers who are frustrated with trying to twist the single strand wire tight enough on the main hook so that it prevents it from coming over the barb, make the "cat's paw connection tighten down properly, and/or getting the stinger hook to line up 180 degrees off the point of the main hook, etc… Other calls and emails have come from some seasoned anglers, who's fingers just don't work "as good as they used to."

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ASA Reveals Plans for ICAST 2020 Online

ICAST Online will virtually connect the sportfishing industry this July 13 – 17

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