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Let’s Surf Fish

Few tasks are more refreshing and rewarding than standing on the beach. Add a fishing pole or two, and the chances of catching a delicious and priceless meal, and this activity only becomes sweeter. For some of you the idea of surf fishing probably conjures up images of many different situations, depending on your perception and experience with beach fishing.

How to Pursue Snook from the Beach

Growing up, two of my favorite things in life were fishing and spending time on the beach. The fishing was in the trout stream behind my parents’ home in Pennsylvania and the beach was Ocean City, Maryland. Today, I am fortunate to be able to combine both of my passions. Most mornings, from May through September, I can be found walking along the Manasota Beach surf line in search of hungry linesiders.

Summertime Redfish Tactics

Summertime provides anglers with great opportunities to catch redfish. Generally redfish are a lot easier to catch on the extreme high and low tides around the new and full moons. The high tides push redfish into the mangroves, and the lower tides will pull them out onto the flats to feed. Learning how to adjust your angling techniques to match the tides will greatly increase your ability to find and catch more fish.

Angler Seeks Refuge and Bonefish on the Atlantic Ocean’s Eastern Rim

Looking to avoid winter's chill, I sought refuge and Bonefish on San Salvador Island Bahamas, a sixty square-mile limestone deposit lying on the eastern rim of the Atlantic Ocean.

Snook Time in Florida

The hard fighting & one of the most sought after game-fish for saltwater anglers, the “SNOOK,” suffered a tremendous amount of loss of the over-all population of this species. Reports of more than 30% of the south-west population of these great fighters have been lost to Mother Nature.

Bigger is Better, or is it?

This summer, I was determined to get out off the New Hampshire coast to Jeffery’s Ledge in search of cod, haddock, and pollock. I hadn’t had time to go the previous two summers. So when I was offered the chance to head out with Capt. Lawrence Dennis (Capt. Larry) of Hardcore Anglers Fishing Charters, I jumped at the chance.

A Day that was Something Special

For those of you that remember the movie Jaws, there is a scene where Quint is on deck in the fighting chair when he hears that familiar click of the reel.

It’s More Than the Catch

As recreational anglers, we have all probably heard (and read) about it a million times. Search the internet and you are likely to find thousands of articles documenting “best practices” for releasing fish.

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Contagious wins 57th Annual Islamorada Sailfish Tournament

In true Islamorada style, the sailfish weren’t the only fish biting on this beautiful weekend.

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