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Know Your Birds

Many of today’s anglers rely on electronics and digital gadgetry to locate fish and to pinpoint productive fishing areas. But perhaps best and least expensive fish locator is your eyesight’s ability to spot birds’ working the fishing grounds.

Another Way to Fish

For easy freshwater fishing and a relaxing time on the water, try fishing a live minnow or small panfish. For some simple fishing from bank, bridge, pier, boat or even when wet-wading, hook the bait and carefully cast it into open water. Make the cast slowly so as to not snap the bait off of the hook.

Late Season Tarpon Fishing

Watch as Capt. Tadd Vandemark explains and beautifully demonstrates how to catch late season Tarpon off Florida's Gulf Coast.

The Roll Cast

There are so many different areas we can focus on to improve our chances of having a successful day on the river. One of the most important areas is casting and the ability to adapt to different situations. One casting technique, that is a must for your arsenal, is the roll cast.

Essential Parts of the Fly Cast

How did you learn to fly cast? Most of us, myself included, either had a rod around the house or bought one and then gave it a shot.

The Casting Corner

You don’t need all of the latest gear and fancy equipment to be a successful fly fisherman. It actually takes very little to get started but it’s addictive.

Learning to Fly: An Introduction

As anglers, we are always looking to challenge ourselves when in search of our finned quarry. With traditional spinning gear, …

Getting’ Stealthy

One of the great strengths of fishing from a kayak is that you can be astronomically stealthier than you can be from a powerboat. If you don't think that being stealthy when fishing is that important, try putting your head underwater and tapping your kayak with a paddle or fishing rod. The goal of this article is to help you understand what types of things you should do to become deadly silent in your kayak.

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Contagious wins 57th Annual Islamorada Sailfish Tournament

In true Islamorada style, the sailfish weren’t the only fish biting on this beautiful weekend.

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