Shrimp Fishing Report: Jan 2014


by Capt. Lee Noga

Pack your holiday decorations away and give away all the leftovers. You will need some freezer space for the 2014 shrimp season. We have had some shrimp movement since November and we have had reports of 2 full buckets in North Brevard over Nov-December. But those events did nothing more than generate a frenzy. Expectations and longstanding addiction to this sport drove several to the rivers from Volusia to S. Brevard. The piers and rivers were cruel to many who went chasing before, during and after some cold fronts. December was giving up mere dozens to quarts for many warriors. Oak Hill sizes have been in the 4-5” range. The news has been talking extensively about the Indian River grass situation and some have wondered how this Eco system threat is going to affect the shrimp runs. We are in a wait and see. Shrimp eggs do attach to grass blades in their infancy and mullet is the #1 threat to their survival because mullet eat vegetation. January is the month I get serious, the runs get better and we see more consistency in the reports. Seminars are in full swing and are free to attend. January 4th BBQ is Riverbreeze boat ramp outdoors 12-4pm (bring a dish and chair) and a free shrimping tourney (prizes) after-wards to give you a chance to go practive what I taught you. Don’t be late, I go on mic at 1:30 . The next seminar will be Jan 13th at the CFOA Fishing club (details at, 7pm in Orlando). No worries, we will be heavily stocked with ALL the shrimping gear you need (MacDaddy shrimp lights, frame nets, weights, dip nets etc). Warning, my seminars “book out”, so get their early if you want to sit. Titusville pier has been picking anywhere from 1-24 shrimp during December. You have to go to know, and if you know, then go -on-line a the Academy of Shrimping and share the Intel. Bottom line, the season is marching towards full swing and based on spotty reports, we are going to have a winter season despite the lagoon problems. For more information about gear purchasing, seminars and education,

Captain Lee Noga Academy of shrimping