South Eleuthera Fishing Forecast – November 2011

If it seems redundant, it is because it is—in November wahoo will be invading the Bahamas from one end to the other and by all indications, it is going to be a record wahoo season. Already the big guys (60-plus pounds) are showing up in big numbers and, they are hungry.

A slew of wahoo were recently caught by the Nassau based crew of the sportfish vessel White Rat, owned by Scott Kelly. As the cooler November air settles over the Central Bahamas, you’ll be able to catch a mixed bag in the Cape Eleuthera area. Reef and bottom fishing is always hot. On a recent outing, Capt. Tim Day aboard the sportfish vessel Fishing Days with Cape Eleuthera Resort charter guest Doug Ricks overfilled the Cape Eleuthera catch board with monster sized African pompano, amberjack, yellowtail snapper and mutton snapper.

On the inshore side of things, cooler air temperatures and shorter days mean the flats will be teaming with grey ghosts for longer periods giving you plenty of fishing time. One of the unique assets of Eleuthera is due to its narrowness, you can fish one tide on the west side of the island and head over to the east side to catch the rising (or falling) tide on the opposite shore. Also, you will find small groups of larger fish cruising separate from the larger schools of small fish. Shrimp and crab are good bets when using natural baits.

FORECAST BY: Stephen Kappeler
Cape Eleuthera Resort and Yacht Club
Point Powell, Eleuthera, Bahamas
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