August ushers in a few good things in regards to the fishing and on the water scene.
Scallop season is at mid point in August with it ending on September 25. You still have plenty of time, so if interested give me a holler to set up a date for some good family fun. The harvesting of the bi-valve mollusks has been great, and should continue until its closure. Besides getting good limits, we’re also collecting some nice quality size ones this year.

The trout fishing along the NatureCoast is good in August if you especially get out early. The water temps are holding in the high 80’s and low 90’s which can have a lethargic effect on these fish. You’ll have the best luck playing the “dawn patrol”, because that’s the coolest part of the whole day and the trout are more apt to come out and cooperate.

Get in the shallow, 2’-5’ grass flats, (far away from all the scallopers) to set up your drift and you should be fine.
First thing out of the gate if the floating grass isn’t too bad, utilize your favorite topwater plugs like skitterwalks, top dogs, zara-spooks, or chug bugs. If the grass is bad, or later on in the morning switch to your jigs, pinfish or shrimp under Cajun-thunder popping corks.
However, the big picture this month is the redfishing! Peak spawn is usually the new moon of August. They school up thicker and the big boys come in from offshore. It should continue to be good into the Fall as long as the water doesn’t get below around 80 degrees. The reds aren’t affected as much with the hot water temps as some other species.

Be tossing your spoons, weedless jerkbaits, and topwaters at cuts, passes, and points in and around the many mangrove islands that dot the coast.

Submitted By: Capt. Rick Burns
Reel Burns Charters