A beautiful sheepshead for this family fun-filled surf fishing excursion.

Surf Fishing Report – January 2021

Surf fishing in Brevard County over the past few weeks brought a new variety of species to lure. The cooling … Jan 1st, 2021
Private lessons are a great way to learn the finite points for targeting pompano, ask this angler..Thomas, new resident to the Space Coast.

Surf Fishing Report – December 2020

Surf fishing Florida in December will bring with it many gifts to local fisherman. The cooling water temperatures drive a … Nov 30th, 2020
Shark fishing charters on Brevard beaches have been on fire!

Surf Fishing Report – November 2020

Surf fishing Brevard County beaches delivered mixed results this week. The biggest factors affecting catches were contributed to water clarity … Oct 31st, 2020
Pompano makes for some great table fare.

Surf Fishing Report – October 2020

Surf fishing rigs like pompano rigs or knocker rigs has been on fire. Fishing from the beach with these rigs … Oct 1st, 2020
Surf fishing for pompano pretty much always provides excitement and happiness.

Surf Fishing Report – September 2020

Florida pompano fishing roared back with a vengeance in mid-August as surf fishing conditions improved tremendously. Seaweed mats lay dormant … Sep 1st, 2020
Snook fishing in Central Florida is on fire!

Surf Fishing Report – August 2020

Beach fishing in Brevard during the past weeks has been impressive, and surf fishing anglers will continue to reap the … Aug 1st, 2020
Beautiful beach snook caught on sand fleas.

Surf Fishing Report – July 2020

Beaches are open, the sun is shining and people are smiling. This is what we are supposed to be doing … Jul 1st, 2020
Eric Newton, “exercising social distancing,” with a Florida pompano.

Surf Fishing Report – June 2020

Florida surf fishing along the central east coast will provide plentiful opportunities for the beach fishing anglers prepared for multiple … Jun 1st, 2020
After a great day surf fishing, pompano was on the dinner menu for this lady angler.

Surf Fishing Report – May 2020

May brings with it bountiful opportunities for the surf fishing anglers here in Brevard. Pompano, which hold a special place … May 1st, 2020
When you run out of hands, use any means necessary!

Surf Fishing Report – April 2020

April’s surf fishing is terrible and you shouldn’t waste your time… April fools!! Now let’s get serious here April will … Apr 1st, 2020