Space Coast Surf Fishing Forecast – July 2023


Giants In July! Space Coast surf fishing in the heat of the summer isn’t for everyone. But for those that do embrace the summer sunshine, July holds the reputation for giants on the beach. Big fish in the way of snook, tarpon and sharks will be on hand for surf fishing throughout July.

But that’s not all that will be available these next few weeks. Look for residential pompano to be found when conditions present themselves as the seaweed settles and the water clarity improves; that will kickstart the pompano fishing in the areas with clean water, runouts and troughs. Use Chartreuse and orange float pompano rigs with Fishbites and fresh tipped bait for success.

Not to mention the croakers, which will be in full force as the typical summer ensues. Atlantic croakers make good table fare for those who like to pan sear fish. In addition making a good meal, croakers can be repurposed as live bait for predatory species. Big snook love croakers fished in the first and second trough. Furthermore, tarpon are a willing candidate for these snack-sized love baits. A simple split shot or free lining croakers can result in trophy fish during the summertime.

Knowing the weather heats up quickly means you should prepare accordingly. Get out early and home early. First light and last light along with tide changes are the best windows of time to fish.

Remember, you can always throw lures with great results as well. Head out to the beach for an hour or two with nothing more than a casting rod and a few lures. Light and mobile is the name of the game! Make sure to cover territory until you find the pockets of life you’re searching for. Diving birds, crashing fish and pogies will be the top clues depicting these areas. Keep moving and casting without hesitation until you position yourself in these lively pockets.


Baitfish means predatory fish, which equals high shark activity as well. Be prepared to have some of your catches grabbed up by the taxman in the gray suit. Heavy drag and proper leaders will ensure you’re not wasting time and increasing the likelihood of losing your catch. Knowing this if you’re in the game of targeting sharks June and July makes a good opportunity. Croakers, mullet and cut bait are the recommended choices for shark fishing anglers.

In summary, we’ll continue to fish through the seaweed-plagued beaches, but will be dreaming of better conditions on the horizon with the confidence and understanding that the fish will be there. A few weeks of calm waters should get the water cleaned up and ready for the top month of big snook beach fishing. Until then there are opportunities available, but it’s been challenging conditions to say the least.

Good luck and enjoy the world class surf fishing on the Space Coast!

Capt. Lukas Brickweg
Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters
(321) 205-4672

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